Simply Me


At Half Price Books (one of my favorite places on earth) yesterday evening, I walked in the door and saw a guy in an AmeriCorps hoodie.

I was pretty absurdly excited about this, because I’ve only ever met two people who were in AmeriCorps, neither of whom I got to talk to about it.  So, I went up and talked to him, and although he wasn’t incredibly friendly (I may have freaked him out a little), we had a pleasant little conversation.

He’s part of AmeriCorps State and National, which is different from NCCC, but he said it had been a really good experience so far.

I was so excited that I basically lost all of my conversation skills, so I just kind of grinned and nodded and grinned, and tried to respond coherently.  I’m not sure I did, but I’m thankful he took the time to talk with me.

It was pretty awesome.

One of those hoodies will soon be mine!!!  Mwahahahahaha!!!